Domaine Pine Grove

La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau
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Domaine Pine Grove

La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau
All year round, Domaine Pine Grove is the destination for outdoor enthusiasts! Located at the entrance of a secluded, uninhabited peninsula on the shore of the Baskatong Reservoir, it offers hiking trails, beaches, camping, cottage, boat rentals and much more. Easy access by paved road, 12 km off Route 117 (2 hours from Gatineau). Eco-managed to preserve the natural beauty and sustainability of the unique setting. All this is yours to discover and enjoy!
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La Philomène
Distance (km) 0.9
Challenge Flat
Estimated time 0h40
La Traverse
Distance (km) 1.1
Challenge Flat
Estimated time 0h45
Le Raccourci
Distance (km) 0.3
Challenge Flat
Estimated time 0h10
La Clairière
Distance (km) 0.2
Challenge Flat
Estimated time 0h10
Sentier du Marais
Distance (km) 0.7
Challenge Flat
Estimated time 0h15
Calm water paddling
Mise à l'eau
Plan d’eau Réservoir Baskatong