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Here is our little directory of tips and tricks on winter, cold and snow. Along the snowfalls, you will find an amalgam of suggestions to facilitate your winter outdoor trips.

Because to learn to love winter, you have to play outside when it’s cold!

Come visit this page regularly, we will add new tips throughout the season.



Tip # 1: Do not switch to your winter coats too fast.

Even if it starts to get colder, you’ll warm up quickly by moving. Favour several small layers rather than a single warm coat, and don and doff a few layers as you go to manage your temperature.

Tip # 2: Avoid cotton at all costs.

Cotton clothes may be very comfortable but they are not suitable for our winters. The problem with cotton is that it does not handle moisture very well. Once wet, your socks or cotton shirt will not dry out if you continue to wear them. In winter, wet clothes will keep you from staying warm even with the best boots or the warmest coat.

Opt instead for natural fibers like wool or synthetic fibers like polyester. When in doubt, check the label!

Tip # 3: Think about sunglasses.

Snow can get very dazzling when it is sunny in the winter. You don’t always think about sunglasses when it’s cold, but they can save you a lot of discomfort on a cloudless winter day outdoors.

Opt for quality glasses. Poor quality smoked lenses do not protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. When shopping for glasses for your outdoor trips, be sure to ask for glasses that offer protection from UVA and UVB.

If you are looking for sunglasses specifically for your winter activities, lenses with a gray, slightly brown or green tint protect more against the light reflected by snow.

Tip # 4: Drink lots of water.

Dehydration is a threat even when it’s cold. Drinking enough water during your winter activities will help you stay warm and have enough energy to play outside for several hours.

Be careful not to leave your water bottle in the cold for too long or it may freeze. To avoid this situation, you can keep it in your coat.

Finally, don’t forget to go to the bathroom as soon as you feel like it. It is sometimes unpleasant to manage with all the layers of clothing, but the fact of holding back will prevent you from staying warm.

Tip # 5: Learn to manage your body heat.

To enjoy winter to its fullest, you need to know how to manage your heat when you spend time outside.

Cooling down in the summer is relatively easy when it’s hot. A little shade, cool water and our body temperature quickly becomes more comfortable.

In winter, we must anticipate the reaction of our body in advance and be patient until our actions take effect. Here are some tips to help you:

  • If you plan to move a lot, dress a little less warmly. Start your activity by being a little cold and anticipate warming up by moving.
  • Favor several small layers rather than a single heavy coat to facilitate the management of your heat.
  • During activities, try to open your coat or remove a layer before you get too hot. If you are hot enough to sweat in your coat and wet your clothes, you won’t be able to stay warm.
  • When you take a break, add a layer before you start to get cold.
  • Finally, if you start to get cold, add a layer and wait a little. it is normal if you do not warm up instantly.